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How To Get Java Code Out Of Your HTML And Still Use It
How To Get Java Code Out Of Your HTML And Still Use It June 22, 2005

JavaScript is a wonderful programming language because it allows us to do all kinds of fancy stuff on our sites. You can get free JavaScript code to automatically put the correct date on your site, hide your email address and make moving images on your background just to name a few. Many of the tools you purchase to make pop-ups and unblockable pop-ups generate JavaScript code for you to insert inside your web page.

Now all of these things are great and can help you with creating a very nice site but there are three drawbacks. Search engines can't read JavaScript so they don't like it, everyone who knows how to view your source code can not only read the code but they can copy it and if you ever want to change it you must go to all the places where it appears and make the modifications. However, you can overcome these drawbacks by removing the JavaScript code from your site and putting it in a separate file.

Because most of the Java code used is very simple you don't have to be a programming wizard to get the code off your page and into its own file. Using the code I gave you last week for hiding your email address, let's see how simple it can be.

Here's the code I gave you to hide your email address. I also gave you the instructions on how to modify it and told you to put the code anywhere on your page where you wanted your email address to appear.

user = "username";
site = "yoursite.com";

document.write(user + '@' + site + '


To get this code off your page do the following:

1. Copy the code into a text file and make the changes I mentioned last week.
2. Remove these 2 lines of the code:


3. Save the file with a .js extension (i.e. yourfilename.js). Do not save as .txt or .js.txt ecause that won't work.
4. Every place you want the java code on your site put the following code.

<script language="javascript" type='text/javascript'

Be sure to change the web address in this line of code to the actual web address of your .js file.
5. Upload your .js file to the location you specified in the above step. See how easy that was?

You'll find that removing most JavaScript from your site is not hard but of course there are always a few exceptions. So always test your site and verify that your Java code is still working. If it is, you have simplified your site. If it doesn't work then you'll have to keep the Java code until you either understand it well enough to pull it out or hire someone to do it.

Hey, I'm not a Java expert and I've been able to remove the JavaScript code from my site.
And if I can do it - So can You.

To Your Success,
Susan Carroll
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