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OrthoKin.nl: Stess manageement in dialogue with your body

OrthoKin.nl is a concatenation of Ortho and Kin.

Ortho means "straight, correct" and Kin stands for Kinesiology. Doing so it represents the working method. Kinesiology is truly based on the MuscleTest, which on its turn ... is being used to sort out what needs to be corrected first.

A correction is anything that body/mind/spirit feels that need to be addressed. Because I am more of a bodyworker ... my focus firstly goes out for points on or in the body. Points that need to be held, massaged or treated otherwise. Oftentimes the follow up of points tell a story ... A story told nonverbally.

Ofcourse the story of the client is Important too. Before, during and after the session. Even if it only was for the sake of emotional participation of the client. This confirms the attention of the client and provides depth of the session.

Finally it is the client who has to recognize and confirm the result, so that s/he is willing to take place on the table again. Because the body can only take so much at a given session ... there is always room for a follow up.

You can imagine that is for the client to decide whether or not s/he is willing to experience another session. Afterall two sessions are never the same! Because ... like it or not it is energy that is being shifted.

©HS, july 03 2005

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